Literary J. Bone

30 06 2009


let me read you a short story...

let me read you a short story...

God damn this one is so sexy. IS it me or is he hotter than Robear sometimes? How is that possible?

This is him yesterday. Lainey Gossip is so effing hilarious. This what she has to say: 

This is Jackson in New York at the WordTheatre Pushcart Press benefit reading from prize-winning story “The Bank Robbery” by Steve Schutzman. Jackson then also performed with his band at the afterparty. 

What was that? A loin explosion? 

I don’t blame you.

First he’s all arty and cerebral hanging out with the literary set, then he rocks out and gets sweaty with them on stage…like, can you picture Kellan Lutz doing the same? Hardly. Kellan Lutz can smile pretty and flex his muscles, the end. Oh no I didn’t. Oh yes I did. 

HAHAHAHA OH, KELLAN. I feel like LUTZ is such an appro last name for him. He is so Lutzy.

Jock hot vs. Cerebral hot. You decide.


I am not mad at him shirtless jogging/dog walking.

I am not mad at him shirtless jogging/dog walking.




6 responses

30 06 2009

i like jbone’s olsen twin ish pucker smile.

i am unnaturally drawn to k slutz. my head says jbone, but my body says kellan. and my heart says roBear.

30 06 2009

few things….. lutz lutz lutz… i want to bite the shit out of him and if i must brake a tooth on the rock hard hotness then so be it!!!! I am happy to say i have a roscoe dog that looks just like his… we are meant to be…. And Mr. Bones…why yes he is very good looking most most most of the time, his super hot bud Robert IS ALWAYS HOT!!!! But yes mr bones is looking very nice (lickable even) in this pic.

30 06 2009

they are all sexy as hell…even the women! It’s too hard to choose! The boys all have different to die for qualities. I feel wrong even comparing! LOL (RoBear will ALWAYS win my heart though! haha)

1 07 2009

Ok. NEITHER. They are both, well, ahem, a bit fair complected for my taste. Anyway, Sir Bones does have quite the badass band. Have you heard them? 100 Monkeys. ( very indie. Very very extraordinarily BOWIE. They have a song called Robot Timberwolves so you KNOW I like it.

1 07 2009

I think this calls for the “Marry, Bone, Kill” game.

Marry, Bone, Kill… JBone, KSlutz, RoBear


1 07 2009

Holy shit Sarah a song with the word Robots AND wolves in it’s title? TIGHT

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