the saga of the twi hippie – Part One

29 06 2009

if you follow me and @AllieCupcake on twitter, you may already know about the ongoing arch-nemesis battle between me and The Hippie. it’s a lengthy tale, so i’ll break it up for easy digestion.

Part 1 after the jump.

the adams morgan 'Bucks during the Reese/Rudd shoot

the adams morgan 'Bucks during the Reese/Rudd shoot

i happened upon him one friday evening while walking home from work. i live in a pretty bustling part of DC, and that evening they were shooting a scene for an upcoming movie starring Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd, so the streets were a’flurry with spectators. all foot traffic had been cordoned off to one sidewalk.

as i was dodging gawkers and squeezing behind photogs, i noticed Him sitting in a cafe chair outside of the ‘Bucks, in the sunlight, amidst the chaos. He looked to be in his mid ’30s. birkenstock-type sandals, cut-off jeans, long hair pulled back into a pony. then it hit me: a shiny black book with a red satiny ribbon that he was so intently pouring himself over… OH SNAP! HE WAS READING ECLIPSE!!

i immediately whipped out my cellphone to snap a pic. that’s when He looked up.

i bet his bookmark is like this

i bet his bookmark is like this

we made eye contact. His expression soured in shame and skepticism. He held up his hippie hand spitting “No Pictures!!”. i tried to explain “i love twilight, i have a twi blog!” but it all somehow got lost in translation. He must have thought i was mocking him! the red tassel of his “i run with vampires” bookmark swung in defiance as He shut his book in protest.

defeated, i continued home, saddened that i may have embarrassed him, and confused by his sudden shyness despite my apparent misconception that He was a grown man proudly reading his TWI in the sunlight near a busy crowded intersection for all to see.

a grown, hetero, ganja-loving male who loves twilight … an endangered and rare species. like the elusive silver back gorilla.

To Be Continued …



5 responses

29 06 2009

Hey I need more parts.

29 06 2009


29 06 2009

That’s fabulous!!! Oh where is this male, Twilight loving man hiding.

30 06 2009


30 06 2009
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