29 06 2009

I am so so sick of Perez and various other blogs doubting this girl’s ability to play Joan Jett in the Runaways. Joan Jett hand picked her. Can she sing? Yes. Twilight was NOT her first movie, although most people act like it is. Us Twi fanatics know the cast and know that they are all musically inclined. Jackson, Nikki, Rob, and yes Kristen.

Perez posted this video last week as if it were new. As if he had just discovered it. So did another gossip blog. It’s getting ridic. I posted this video on the Monday Blog in March, before we even started this Twi sorority, amazed at the way this girl can effortlessly carry a tune. (and strum the guitar!)

This video should be posted on every Twi blog from here to Volterra to shut up all the naysayers. KStew is talented. AND HAS A POSSE.  She will KILL as Joan Jett. 





One response

29 06 2009

Perez is just looking for another beatdown; maybe i should send some Twi-hards his way :]

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