I work in a Twi-ffice

29 06 2009

My entire office and I just had a 15 minute twilight conversation, around the topics of who’s read what books, who just watched the movie, who’s rushing SigTwiO next, and ways to convince the males in our office that they will love twi too; citing the car references, the battle engagements, the civil war era history, all good reasons for the mens to enjoy the twis.

i love you edward

i love you edward

Anyways this is my desktop background right now. It was shortlived because, you might not believe it, but some folks around here are still reading the books and dont want to see any movie and blog related things till they finish, so I had to take it down.

So i think i have infected at least 5 out of the 18 people who work here with the twi-obession, not a bad percentage & still working on some; how many people have you guys ‘changed’ into twi-lovers?




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29 06 2009

Sweet job fresherin. At this point I’m starting to lose count of how many people I’ve talked into reading the books, my one co-worker who I got to read the first book gives me daily updates on where she is at and what she has thought so far. I think I’ve persuaded her to go on. The only problem I face is that everyone is in their 40’s and older, so trying to convince them that a series that is viewed as for the teenage mind is a massive, mesmorizing, unbelievable love story get be difficult. Of course the one male co-worker who I know has read the book didn’t need me to convince him, NPR did that for me. 🙂 As for my desktop background at work, I’ve combined all three movie posters. My desktop at home is a fanmade rendition of Bella and Edward’s passionate kiss in Italy … I LOVE IT. I believe YouTuber Tiffanyd666 made it.

29 06 2009

I bought a “loaning copy” of Twilight when my husband was out of town. So far I have loaned it to five people at work. All have gone on and devoured the rest of the Twilight series.

For some reason I find reasons at least once a day to provide Twilight pictures to various co-workers. The only male at work that loves Twilight is gay. Does that mean anything?

29 06 2009

I’ve converted 3 so far!

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