I should be asleep right now…

28 06 2009

So, just to get a little personal here… tonight I was supposed to undergo my final sleep test. Somehow, that didn’t happen. No cancellation call, nothing… just me, in a vacant office park banging on a door (like an asshole), to a place I already find infinitely creepy. I should be asleep or I should be out right now, or just getting in from being out, but no, here I sit… on the internet… pouting.

So, what’s a fantastic way to combat being bored and awake in the middle of the night?

Shopping. It’s why infommercials are on in the middle of the night because that’s when the crazy says EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE.

The Magic Bullet for egg salad AND frozen margaritas with color coded rim? YES PLEASE!


But, the TV is in the living room, so I’ve been making due with Etsy and Amazon. So far, my better judgement has remained intact, everything is wish-listed, waiting for a clear eye to take a look in the morning. But wait…

Based on my items recently placed in the cart, it’s now suggested that I buy this?

Behold the Edward wig.

Behold the "Edward" wig.

It’s like a hedgehog after an electrical storm. I might buy it just so I can flood the customer photos section. Good news is, this was totally the buzzkill that I needed to pack it up and go to bed.

I’ll probably delete this in the morning.




7 responses

28 06 2009

damn girl ur sleep deprived..lol… oh well i guess im up with u..except im online rob stalking..lol

28 06 2009

oh man, i am all too familiar with the “everything makes sense right now!” stage of the night. thank GOD i leave my purse out of my reach with my plastic tucked safely into my wallet where i can’t get at it.

…and that wig looks NOTHING like edwards. lol maybe as an anime edward?

28 06 2009
Jenny Jerkface

I know it’s not the same thing as sleep deprivation but I really think I should install an breathalyzer on my computer late at night to stop myself from purchasing useless things.

And the wig is terrifying. But I kind of want it…

28 06 2009

I have definitely started to uncheck that little box that says “save my credit card information” It’s a big late night money saver. And I say we all get the wig, have an Edward Wig Week. Take pictures holding forks to wall sockets.

So. tired.

28 06 2009

p.s… wtf?

TV pitchman Billy Mays found dead in Tampa home

28 06 2009

😦 RIP Billy. This week has been very sad.

and Jenny…i wish i had a breathalyzer thingy for when i log onto facebook after a Friday or Saturday night LOL

5 07 2009

Great post!

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