Rob AND Kellan on People’s list of HOTTEST BACHELORS ’09

25 06 2009

Hot off the presses! Both Robear and KL are featured in People Mag‘s Hottest bachelors of the Summer Oh NINE. OH YES. Cuz they smokin hot. 

Peep the pics from the mag:


so brooding

so brooding

Rob’s quote featured in the article which he gave to was kinda sad. Just a little. Like I always say, poor dude. Poor extremely hot dude.

“It’s a really emotional experience when people are screaming at you all the time. When I was in Italy, all these people started screaming in this bookshop. Your immediate reaction is you feel like you’re going to start crying…..It’s really strange. It’s so not how I thought I would react. When people are pressing loads and loads of energy, you can kind of feel it…just having that energy, it’s overwhelming.”

This was Kellan’s pic. He was photographed with Ryan Eggold from 90210, doing a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid sort of thing. Cute. Cutey Cute Cute Cute. 

save a horse, ride a kellan. yes I just said that.

save a horse, ride a kellan. yes I just said that.



3 responses

25 06 2009

Cowboy Kellan…sooooooo hot! (and of course Rob looks totally hot too, just never seen Kellen in a cowboy outfit before haha)

25 06 2009

“save a horse, ride a kellan” OKAY!

25 06 2009

he looks so tan. im not used to it.

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