Please turn 18

23 06 2009

So I don’t feel like a perv.  I know I know, this post is just an excuse to post a shirtless pic of TL.  But honestly, from the bottom of my heart (my heart that just so happens to be 11 years older than cutie patootie jail bizzait) I am outrageously excited to see so much more of Jacob Black in New Moon.  The Cullens are great and all but I’ll take Native American wolves over the sparkle body Vamps ANY day.  I’m not trying to start a Twi-fight, I’m just sayin.  Maybe it’s because I’m part Cherokee.  You know, respect and solidarity and what not.  


it’s the super white genes that make me say “what not”.  No matter what I say this pic is just drool inducing. 

When's that 18th birthday of yours again?

When's that 18th birthday of yours again?




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23 06 2009

lmao! sarah, you’re great! i look forward to seeing all of those sexy wolf boys get down with their sexy selves. a handful of guys that are half naked half of the time? um…yes please!
i can’t wait for Bella and Edward to get reunited…that one will take the cake for me.

23 06 2009

His birthday is 82 days after New Moon comes out. But who is counting???

25 11 2009

haha u crack me up

23 06 2009

I can’t handle him this year. He is the new Edward.

5 09 2009


25 11 2009

more like get in my pants haha jk jk

6 09 2009

for this very reason, i cover taylor lautner’s face when i see images of him looking this good. it’s just not right – he’s a baby, but he’s so HOT!

2 10 2009

Oh, I am so team Jacob. His bod. I am older than him, so I feel like a creeper, but ohh man I cannot help it.

21 11 2009

How could you cover his face!? He is an absolutely gorgeous and Sexy man! From his gorgeous losious hair to his perfect toes that walk upon the ground lol. God I can NOT contain myself! OMG I LOVE THIS MAN

22 11 2009

He’s legal in Canada :]

13 12 2009
mike w.

wow, this guy is sexy.

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