TWInspired make-up: coming soon to a sephora near you!

22 06 2009
slather your kisser

being used on edward cullen's lips true story

want a blood-thirsty-looking pucker plumped up by years of existing only on the blood of animals? well, step right this way, cuz DuWop, the company that pretty much founded the lip-plumping gloss market with Lip Venom, are currently making a TWInspired gloss.

one side will be the tingly plumper, and the other side will be red like blood. they are still debating a full-on collection of TWInspired makeup.

i, for one, would vote YAY. have you ever been something for halloween that required a pale complexion? the only affordable option is chalky and waxy ben nye’s or worse-yet some pot of white goo that comes with a rough yellow sponge and a picture of Bozo the clown on the front. the only “real” makeup that i have found to do the trick is layering on Shiseido’s white base makeup. but… it’s like $50 and Shiseido still tests on animals. boooooooooooooo!




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22 06 2009


22 06 2009

you think they might market an eyebrow sculpting kit?

22 06 2009

sparkly lotion?

22 06 2009

Or at-home spray on abs?

22 06 2009

hollerway, and eyebrow sculpting kit would be fabulous. jj, my boyfriend was sitting in the sun one day and my eyes got HUGE. he was freaking sparking. what? are you serious? yes. i guess the lotion he used had teeny tiny little sparkles in it (and he had no idea). when he finally caught me staring for a very long time he said “what?” i said…”you are sparkling.” ..and the Edward comparison started. needless to say he looked at me like i was insane. that’s okay though. he sparkled. i smiled. hahaha

22 06 2009

they already have sparkly lotion, strawberry scented bella shampoo, and various other character scent body products on Etsy. you know just in case you wanted to smell like Jacob, all musky and woodsy.

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