welcome sigO’s – international edition

19 06 2009

sigO’s of the world unite.  we’ve gone global, bitches.

welcome to crew our new kiwi and pinay!  ::waves hi from across the ocean::

(as an FYTwi… jj, lisesme are 1/2 filipina and MissImagineThat is their baby sis in reallife.org)

Sewwy is the brains behind Bittersweet Forever (a Twi RPG), and Lady Chanterelle runs Twilighter’s Hub (a Twi social network). So tight!

New Zealand Chapter
sarahTeer73 Sewwy

Book: Eclipse
Character: Alice
Quote: “If I could dream it all, it would be about you. And I’m not ashamed of it.” – Edward

Philippines Chapter
Lady Chanterelle LadyChanterelle

Book: Breaking Dawn
Character: Edward
Quote: “Forbidden to Remember, Terrified to Forget” – Stephanie Meyer

there’s plenty more awesome where that came from. go to the meet the sig O’s page to stalk their asses on twitter.

NOTE TO PLEDGIES: if you have completed the rush process and have not sent in a pic, please do so!

rush season is now officially closed!!! (don’t worry, it will open again later)

if you have already quizzed, you are in there like swimwear, but we are taking a break from new entries in order to catch up on the backlog.

Midnight Sun



One response

19 06 2009

Awww Cheers for the plug, Ladies.

I’m afraid all the glory can’t go to me, my best friend came up with most of the brain child that is BSF :}

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