Vampire Bill vs. Edward Cullen

19 06 2009

So, while I am mega loyal to Twilight, being that it was my first and only true love…I have to say Ive been reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and Im an avid “True Blood” watcher…and it makes me feel  like cheating a little.  But I told myself Sookie and Bill were conceived in 2001, while our beloved Bella and Edward were conceived in 2005…so it’s very possible that Charlaine Harris inspired Stephenie Meyer a little. (Even though Meyer says she dreamed it all up) The parallels between the Jacob Bella Edward triangle and the Sam Bill Sookie triangle are undeniable. The world of shapeshifters and vampires is really a small one apparently…

But then, when asked about Edward Cullen, Stephen Moyer aka Vampire Bill Compton, had to go and mouth off to the June issue of Marie Claire that: “He’s a pussy! He’s the Slim-Fast, Diet Coke of vampires!” Ouch. Whoa Whoa Whoa step off old man!!  Thems is twi-fightin words!

Let me just point out that while Edward feeds on live animals (that he catches), Bill goes around drinking synthetic bottled blood AND  in the sun, Vampire Bill burns up like a charred steak, while Edward just SPARKLES. I think we all know who’s tougher.

Bill Compton

Bill Compton

Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen




16 responses

19 06 2009

i love true blood but those are DEFF. twi-fighting words on my block. someone should’ve pointed out the diffrences between them during that interview. rofl… synthetic bottled blood.

22 02 2010

A vampire that sparkles in the sun? ROFL please. Go watch a real Vampire movie

24 06 2009
Sydney Sawyer

In a fight between Bill and Edward, Bill would totally win out.
Hands down.

25 06 2009

Edward all the way!!! Mr. Cullen is the man, hands down!!! I think the True Blood guy is just jealous! Who could blame him! LOL

28 07 2009
True Blood’s Sam wants KStew- Duh « SIGMA TWI OMEGA :: twilight saga sorority | blog | lifestyle

[…] Trammell, who plays shapeshifter Sam on HBO’s True Blood is apparently looking to squash the Twilight/ True Blood […]

23 11 2009

Twilight is gay, and bill alone would kill the entire cast of twilight… True Blood all the way

28 11 2009

oh, common, twilight all the way 😉 bottled blood… please.. xD

28 12 2009

Firstly, might I point out that while Stephen Moyer’s comments on Edward Cullen were aggressive they were also well deserved.

The annoying story that took Stephenie Meyer all but 3 months to write flys in the face of any traditional and well… good vampire story which makes Twilight nothing but the McDonalds of fantasy. True Blood sticks to the traditional vampires position on the sun, however Twilight gives us nothing more than a sparkly twelve year old. As for what they drink: do we honestly think that our “vampires” in Twilight hunt down and kill animals to eat because they’re “too good for synthetic blood?” Or just maybe, does their world not HAVE any?

When it comes to plot, True Blood’s out in the open vampires, shapeshifters, bible crazed cults, mind readers and lust gods produces much more tension and conflict as opposed to the unoriginal idea that vampires are a secret, ones fallen in love with a human and doesn’t drink human blood (did miss Meyer fall asleep in front of a Buffy episode?)

As for the movies/episodes themselves, let’s not get STARTED on our stars of Twilight’s acting skills as opposed to True Blood’s cast.

Overall, who is tougher? The teenaged boy that sparkles in the sun and can’t stand to makeout with his lover for a good 5 minutes or he’ll lose complete control and kill her (to the point where he leaves the state)?
Or Mr Compton, who burns himself to a crisp at the mere chance he could save his loved one? Not to mention how quickly he healed from having only a couple of surviving organs?

True Blood is a godsend to vampire cult society – Twilight however is a ridiculous fad that was created for even the most absent minded boy-crazed girls to understand. Why do you think there was so many shirtless scenes in the second film?

28 12 2009

Now that’s a twi-beef, charred and crispy like bill in the sun

30 12 2009

Or a Twi-hard’s brain. The difference? Bill is fiction.

31 12 2009

Oh no my friend nothing is more non fiction than a twi hards brain, Twi-ness is serious. Real talk, it’s the realest of the realness. Live free or Twi Hard. Joseph is that you?

3 01 2010

I’m thinking you need to read my and the person before me’s comments again…. and I’m not a Joseph.

21 01 2010

maybe if it was a battle to see who can get virgins between the ages of 10 to 20 to come to a house party edward would win

22 01 2010

woah this stuff is deep.
and let me just point out first that all the new moon shirtless scenes are neccessary…apart from one 🙂

29 01 2010

Twilight all da way. i never see bill sparkle, GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!

30 01 2010

Maybe because Bill is past the age where one desires to play with glitter?

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