18 06 2009
Dudes, RAH-SPECT the RoBear
He gets mobbed and touched and groped and hugged by random rabid fangirls, and is visibly uncomfortable.
And now, he almost gets RUN OVER by a fucking cab, because fans pushed and shoved him into a moving vehicle. This is all too Princess Di for me kids.
He wasn’t hurt, but was obviously shaken, not to mention his security had to yell at the fans “YOU ALMOST KILLED HIM!” back the eff up!!!
there there, its going to be oooook

there there, its going to be oooook

So go to this website, and read about this campaign for everyone to just chillllllll.
“RESPECT ME is a campaign to make everyone RESPECT ROBERT PATTINSON.
Recently after the excess of Twilight, Rob has been stalked by the paparazzi everywhere he goes. A few days ago he was literally attacked by crazy, wild fans during the first day filming on the set of “Remember Me”. He didn’t need bodyguards before, but now because of crazy fans he HAS to have them. So, we are really really tired and mad with those girls, the media and fansites that have been publishing things about his PRIVATE life and/or stalking him everywhere!
We know that now he is under the spotlight and everyone wants to know what is he doing or where he is, but there are ways to do so properly, and we know so many girls in the world want to know him, be near him or take pictures with him, but there are ways too!, He is not an OBJECT, he is a human being that NEEDS to walk, breathe, WORK or even smoke in peace! It is so sad to watch videos of the disturbing things in NY with girls crowding to take pics with Rob anyhow! That’s so RUDE girls! That’s not being a REAL fan! See that Rob’s expression broke our hearts and almost made us cry! Really!
So, we decided to start this campaign against all that we think is not cool to Rob! He needs to be respected! You need to respect his private life!”
And dont forget to add this banner to your blog, website,fansite, myspace, whateves…
add it

add it




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