What do you put in Twi-fi?

17 06 2009

I have been thinking about this, and the more I think about it, the more I want to know all these lovely permutations in which, we, the crazies incorporate TwiSaga into our daily lingo… some examples:

The Twi Cruise = Twi-tanic

The hilarious ladies of  Twitarded and What the Forks!?

Handles = Fangsalot, Would I twi to you?

I know this is just the tip of a very large and very time consuming (wasting) iceberg, but I like punnery and awkwardness. No matter how much of a groaner it is, post it up. I want to see what you Twi-fi.

Here’s the part in my post where I want to paste in the Zoolander/Cullen boys animation AGAIN, but I’ll refrain.




5 responses

17 06 2009

twi beef is the new twi fight just an FY-twi

17 06 2009

oh and I was STOked on the usage of Twi-talians during the Italy shooting

17 06 2009

but twi-not? of course i will add my twialect to this. the more the merrier as we can have a twisome and start a twipedia.

17 06 2009

allie – remember our vancouvy documentary “TwiHard: Live Free or Die Twi’ing”? PFacinelli still hasnt tweeted @us on TWItter. ForksMyLife. OK OK i’ll stop TWIning now. it annoys the SigBoy.

17 06 2009

ohhh snap, thats right! That was an ingenious twi doc title.

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