Joan Jett Day

16 06 2009

So, I don’t know about all you guys, but today I felt like I was missing out on some major action. Joan Jett and KStew decide to hang out, do a little harmonizing… RoBear is in NYC getting mauled by crazies and I am getting minute by minute reports to my Googs… and needless to say… I was a little distracted. Distracted enough to have to stay late to make up for it. tiiiight.

For lunch we all went to Pete’s down the street for a quick bite which always has the most amazing (odd) satellite radio station playing. In the span of 10 minutes we heard Thompson Twins, Genesis, annnnd Joan Jett’s Crimson and Clover cover. Excited, I blurted out that KStew was playing her in the new Runaways movie… to which was met by blank stares and vacant grins. My boss however, understanding of my little secret Twilight obsession, sympathetically declared that today was Joan Jett Day and when we got back to the office he played the Runaways over the loud speakers for all to hear.

My job’s kinda awesome. Happy Joan Jett Day.




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16 06 2009


17 06 2009

when do we get to see dakota fanning’s new feathered mullet?

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