hott jock alert! kellan slutz is on the loose!

16 06 2009

oh here we go …  Kellan Slutz is at it again with his abercromie-esque sweater tricks. first we had him holding one in his mouth like mrs. robinson’s golden lab, and now we have him playing peek-a-boo with what looks to be a heathered mock turtleneck from eddie bauer or possibly *gasp* burberry.

against all my better judgement, against everything i deem sacred in this life … kellan slutz once again forces me into betrayal of my fundamental value systems. he takes a good look at my morals, takes a swig of gatorade, and spits on them. i try my best to ignore, but there’s just no denying the truth.


peekaboo. so coy.

peekaboo. so coy with your jedi sweater tricks.

damn. thats one. hott. jock.

damn. that's one. hott. jock.

Slutz is still busy shooting Nightmare on Elm Street in the Chicago area until July-ish.

Stalking info available here (warning: mega mega spoiler alert!).




4 responses

16 06 2009

Shitballs, he gets more and more gorgeous each photo, I swear.

16 06 2009

dude he is so JOCK HOTT. Jock hott is the new new.

16 06 2009

I want to bite the shit out of him! yummmmmmmmmmy

13 07 2009

lol sweet and hunny

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