life-size cardboard twi cutouts

10 06 2009

for your next Twi party! … or if you want to just have a creepy tea party by yourself with the characters. or other unmentionable things you might do with a life-size cutout of your favorite character. pervs.

yes, yes, there is an edward and a bella. but jacob gets the shaft. story of his life.

all for the low low price of $32.99. buy ’em here! we’re gonna have to invest in these for SigO Row.

lets not play with our food

let's not play with our food

i chose my stage well

i chose my stage well




4 responses

10 06 2009

No jacob! I bet after New Moon comes out there be a Jacob with his rock hard abs!

10 06 2009

i wonder how tall they’ll make this jacob…

10 06 2009

I’ve spent the last 5 minutes laughing at the photo captions because instead of James and laurents voices I’m hearing jj doing James and laurent.

10 06 2009

Low price my ass. I’ll take the poster for free, sis. I’m savin’ up.

Aww…. poor Jacob. TayLaut needs a cutout.

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