welcome homegirls – virginia sigO’s

9 06 2009

welcome to these new awesome additions to the crew! includes a few that have already been posted but not properly welcomed.  virginia is holdin it down, yo! check out their faves below.

Virginia Chapter

Book: Breaking Dawn
Character: Alice
Quote: “I prefer brunettes.” – Edward


Book: Breaking Dawn
Character: Alice
Quote: “You are my life now.” – Edward

tifaKerbal73 tifa

Book: Twilight
Character: Alice
Quote: “I punched a werewolf in the face.” – Bella


Book: Eclipse
Character: all of them!!!
Quote: “Your hair looks like a hay stack … I like it.” – Edward

there’s plenty more awesome where that came from. go to the meet the sig O’s page to stalk their asses on twitter.

can someone please make a “Virginia is for Vampire Lovers” t-shirt?



4 responses

9 06 2009

yeah me!

9 06 2009

this is awesome!!! we should have an ice cream social or something… and by ice cream, I mean alcohol.

9 06 2009

LisEsme copies me. Just because we’re blood doesn’t mean I won’t suck it dry. I bite.

10 06 2009

dont even start miss copy to my cat…meow…

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