tight little ashes montage

9 06 2009

went opening night with sigO’s Hollerway, FreshErin and some other non-twi friends. let me premise this by saying YES i am a serious fan of roBear, but NO that does not outweigh my ability to judge him fairly in roles that are non-edwardian.

it was a bit funnier than i think it was meant to be, but that’s probably cuz i giggle every time i see him. honestly, i very impressed with his ability to channel such an emotionally volatile character. by the end, i had forgotten all about Edward Cullen.    SIKE.

no, for real, it was tight. go see it.


  • see roBear in a more vulnerable role, and by vulnerable i mean as the bottom. ZING!
  • multiple nakey scenes, including pubes shot
  • a bunch of other hotties, even though roBear is the best
  • laugh to the point of tears
  • cry your eyes out in sadness

here’s a little taste…

NON-SPOILER MONTAGE (fan-made by Any4vi)




2 responses

9 06 2009

did you just say “pubes” in a post? tight

9 06 2009

Oh man. I can’t lie… It wasn’t my favorite, but I did get some good wheezy laughs out of it. PUKE.

Btw, how amazing do you think the commentary would be on it? “little circus tricks, superhuman moron”

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