twi-themed coaster. weeeeeeee!

4 06 2009

it’s not happening officially … yet. but it seems possible, given the “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” attraction that’s being added to the Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure theme park.

my coworker, ashlern, suggested we start a petition.

hands up the whole way dooowwwnn!!!

hands up the whole way dooowwwnn!!!

i, for one, would love to see this at Kings Dominion for the convenience factor. but i’m not sure if they would do it justice.  the last movie-themed park-within-a-park we had there was Wayne’s World, featuring the Hurler roller coaster. correction: wooden roller coaster.

but seriously, they could make a coaster with edward’s face on the front car, so everyone was spidermonkey’ing onto his back to go up the mountain to the meadow.

or another ride that just catapults you over a river in one bound.

cliff-diving = perfectly safe, marketable and photo opp-able bungy jumping? do they even do that anymore?

any other ride ideas? the possibilities are really endless.




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