KStew photographed for Nov. Allure cover!!

4 06 2009

Kristen is KILLING the SEXY game these days, and ALLURE magazine has taken notice.

They shot her yesterday for their November 09 cover, to coincide with New Moon’s release. The shoot took place at the Santa Monica Pier, photographed by acclaimed fashion photog Michael Thompson (genius), and make up was done by the legendary Dick Page (even more genius). These pictures are AMAZING. She is about to BLOW. Back up off her!!!!







numba one stunna

numba one stunna

Check out the entire gallery, and try not to DIE, at PopSugar. They have tons of sexy mothereffing pics!!!

BONUS: Kickin it after the shoot in Cali. Nice ass. REAL TALK.


Visiting A Friend In Hidden Hills, buzz her in!!! quick!!

Visiting A Friend In Hidden Hills, buzz her in!!! quick!!

 OK now I will start breathing again.




2 responses

5 06 2009

agreeeeed, she looks hot! & her eyes are so piercing.

6 10 2009
More pics from Kristen’s Allure shoot! « SIGMA TWI OMEGA :: twilight saga sorority | blog | lifestyle

[…] pics from Kristen’s Allure shoot! 6 10 2009 Yes we did a little tidbit on this shoot when it took place this summer in Santa Monica. But now Allure has released some of […]

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