Robsten get cozy after Awards

2 06 2009

Gossip Alert:

According to NY Daily News : Robear and KStew got “cozy” on an intimate date at L.A. Eatery Cecconi’s following the Movie Awards.

Spies (who ARE these “spies” anyway?) caught them canoodling (OK I just wanted to say canoodling you got me) and…wait for it….HOLDING HANDS throughout the entire meal. *gasp*. Look kids, these two are totally in love. How could you NOT fall in love with eachother when playing Bella and Edward? How could that even be possible?

OK so Kristen says she has been dating that dude for the past four years. FOUR YEARS!!  But seriously, that guy has been ghostface for the past couple of months.  The article goes on to say :

“After the dinner, which ended around 11 p.m., a police escort brought the pair back to their hotel. Stewart, who at 19 is underage, stayed in, but man-of-the-hour Pattinson left his crush and headed to a late-night fete at Guy’s.

Says an insider of the stars’ budding relationship: “Robert is obsessed with Kristen and has been for a while. He likes that she’s a cool, down-to-earth girl. Kristen never saw Rob as anything but a friend, but that seems to be changing.”

There is also the music connection. Both sing and play guitar. Kristen did in “Into the Wild”, and also is prepping for her role as JOAN MOTHEREFFING JETT, by carrying her guitar around with her everywhere she goes. And we all know Robear can kick it, contributing a song of his own to the Twilight soundtrack.

These two are meant for eachother. I wish Kristen would just accept it, and fulfill every woman’s dream on the planet. ROB wants you girl!! C’mon now!!! Go forth and be the cutest couple ever to come out of Hollywood!

Dethrone Brangelina!!!!!



this is what "meant for eachother" looks like. just FYI.

this is what "meant for eachother" looks like. just FYI.




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