to our sigTweeters, thanks for tuning in.

1 06 2009

we had a record 180 LIVE TWEETS during the MTV Movie Awards last night, posted by sigO’s jj, alliecupcake, fresherin, hollerway and lu all from the SigO Twitter. the sensory overload was overwhelming at times, but seriously fun throughout the entire event — from x17’s red carpet live stream with the annoying host guy, to the live interviews during commercial breaks during the hills, to the main event on tv.

special thanks to our tweet buddies:

  • @NinjaFanpire
  • @hwilliams3782
  • @TwilightMom127
  • @esmebella
  • @twilightish
  • @FreakFlagFlyer
  • @Dazzled914
  • @Jerkofalltrades
  • @twilightjen
  • @razormuse
  • @twilightus
  • @RPattzFanGR
  • @SpidrMonkey
  • @twilightnewborn
  • @missimaginethat
  • @whattheforks

we’ll have to do that again sometime. peace out for tonight, homeys 🙂



One response

1 06 2009

Can’t wait til the Bruno Movie !! HE IS SO FUNNY

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