little ashes tonight!

29 05 2009

does my moostache turn you on?

does my moostache turn you on?

cant wait cant wait cant wait! might even get the sigBoy to come with. this morning, the Washington Times reviewed the flick, you know, the ‘tards who accidentally leaked the new moon movie poster last week.

Mr. Pattinson has taken on a much bigger challenge than playing a vampire — bringing a legend to life. He does an admirable job playing one of the strangest and most imaginative men to walk the earth. He’s shy and trembling when he arrives at the dorm, bombastic and determined when he leaves it. The transformation is striking. More >>

They gave it 2 and a half stars out of a maximum of 4.  that’s more than half, i suppose. we shall see.

if you live in dc, the movie is tonight at E Street Cinemas, and tix are available online.



3 responses

29 05 2009

I’ll be there – although i hope this doesn’t cloud my vision of him as Edward.

In the WTForks “Edward vs RPatz” debate I fall on the Edward side…

29 05 2009

we’re going to the 9:40 showing fyi

30 05 2009

How did you like Little Ashes? I still haven’t seen it, but looking for reviews. Share your thoughts.

Hope it was good!!!

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