maxim’s hot 100, where’s Kristen

27 05 2009

Oh Maxim, you are so predictable. But 2 outta 3 aint bad. They chose gorgeous Ashley Greene, and hottie pants Nikki Reed, but seriously WHERE THE EFF IS KRISTEN? Men have no taste. They really don’t. Especially the douchebags over at Maxim who put Avril Lavigne on this list. So lame.

so fly

so fly

Seriously, Ashley Greene looks like a supermodel. She’s amazing. The Maxim makeover: a tan, some highlights, a little clee clee and some booty shorts. Yes she looks hot. Good job douches. I can almost see her vajayjay.

hello my name is gorgeous

hello my name is gorgeous

Nikki’s photo was obvs not from a sleazy Maxim photo shoot, she was just out one night, lookin sexy. Nikki was doin Nikki. She kills it.

bitches, puh leez

bitches, puh leez

But seriously, look at my girlfriend: Those eyes! That hair! I love my Bella Swan. Forever and ever. Amen. :insert lesbian jokes here:

That is all.




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