Nikki Reed turned 21 on May 17

19 05 2009

And of course her birthday was overshadowed by roBear’s 23rd bday, and all the hoop lah surrounding the Vancouver wrap up and the cast going to Italy. Which, you may remember, I mentioned last week Nikki was gonna go to Italy with her twi peeps, just to chill, drink some vino, smoke some cigs no doubt, and try to fanagle her way into the inevietable true love that is Kristen and Robert. Sike. I love her. I would never say something like that about her.  Plus: she’s not going to Italy anymore. She has decided to stay in LA and “spend time with her family.”

Happy 21st Bday Gorgeous

Happy 21st Bday Gorgeous

I actually really do love Nikki. The girl is TALENTED. If you twi-hards havent seen her performance in the Catherine Hardwicke directed “Thirteen” yet, then you should be ashamed to call yourself twi hards, frankly. I mean the girl WROTE that shizz. Its semi autobiographical! She was on Oprah back in the day when she was like 15! (Maybe I can find a clip of that….) Anyway, here’s to you beautiful and multi talented Nikki H. Reed. You kill it as Rosalie. Love you.

Nikki and Evan Rachel Wood in "Thirteen". Netflix that stat.

Nikki and Evan Rachel Wood in "Thirteen". Netflix that stat.



2 responses

20 05 2009

Ok I definitely think Nikki is talented because she wrote and starred in 13 at a VERY young age, but I think its a little strange that she doesn’t go for more acting parts. She has pretty much only been in movies involving Twilight’s director (and 13 too).

Also, I was expecting someone GORGEOUS to play Rosalie. She is supposed to be the hottest bitch ever. Nikki is hot, but she doesn’t bring the gorgeousness that is Rosalie! She’s got the bitch part down though.

21 05 2009

That’s because she is Catherine Hardwicke’s muse. When casting for Twilight Ms. Hardwocke thought she would fit Rosslie so well, because SHE thinks she is the most beautiful. And she also had a starring role in a tv series, but was replaced before the pilot aired so she could star in Twilight. It was a CW show. That has since been cancelled.

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