Edward gets snippy

19 03 2010

Edward and Bella in another deleted scene from New Moon. TOMORROW PEOPLE!

A Washington Post article (that kicks off with “LBH,” come on!) tells a bit about the special edition release of New Moon:

…which features the film…and a couple of choice extras, most notably a compelling, six-part documentary about the making of the movie and a happily laidback commentary track from director Chris Weitz and editor Peter Lambert. Both Borders and Walmart are selling their own exclusive editions of the “New Moon” release that feature additional content, including extended scenes and, in Walmart’s case, a sneak peek at the next movie, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” material that frankly should have been included on the more widely available discs.

Once the focus moves to the production, though, things improve considerably. Fans will admire all the behind-the-scenes detail, from shots of Stewart and Pattinson fighting off mosquitoes during a crucial break-up scene to footage of Stewart’s stunt double, Laura Lee Connery, taking a leap off a 70-foot-high building, a jump that will magically morph into Bella’s dramatic plunge off a staggeringly high cliff during the film.”

For this, I might brave the freakshow that is 24-hour Wal-Mart in Woodbridge, Va.

Victoria had the best scene in New Moon

3 03 2010

Thom Yorke’s Hearing Damage didnt hurt things either. shazam.

Deleted $cenes from New Moon

1 03 2010

Companies are including all kinds of bells and whistles to get us to buy their version of New Moon when it comes out this month. The following deleted scene is reportedly from Target’s version. Enjoy. For free.

[via The Improper]

Ordered My New Moon Blu-Ray!

17 01 2010

ordered. come to mamma.

March 20 cannot come soon enough. I can’t wait for in-home double feature nights. Order during pre-sale for discounted price – $22 for the dvd and $24 for the blu-ray jawnt.

Clicky clicky to buy from amazon.com

Queen Latifah spoofs New Moon at PCAS

7 01 2010

Check it. It brings the LOLZ.

Rachelle’s Deleted Scenes in New Moon

28 12 2009

intense road rage

Here are some words from screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg, about how much she hearts Victoria.

I’ve heard/read on other blogs that there indeed were some additional Victoria scenes, even with lines, that got cut. That move could be easily spun into conspiracy around firing Rachelle, but I’m sure there are a gajillion scenes all over the place that never made it to the final draft.

[via NMM]

Apple’s Top 10 Xmas Gifts for Twi Hards

8 12 2009


For your working novel!

10: Cullen Family Crest Flash drive.

Today I rocked the blue suede jawns

9. A pair of Tom’s a la Kstew.

Game face: massive game of chicken

8. A red robe, Italy style, to be worn when you jump out in front of whoever won that fucking Volvo.

Viva Italy

7. A Boy by Band of Outsiders button-down (that’s who made Bella’s green shirt).

Sam, Jacob, Embry

6. A three-wolf moon tee, because now you have a new reason to wear one. If you already have one, regift with pride.

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New Moon DVD out in February

8 12 2009


The New Moon DVD is slated to released in February of 2010. Mattel has plans to concurrently release the Jacob Black Barbie Doll.

“The Jacob doll – which Twi-Hards will have to throw down $24.95 to play with – doesn’t hit shelves until February 2010. The doll’s release is timed with the DVD release of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” a press release by Mattel says, according to Access Hollywood. Oooooh.

[via theExaminer].

TwiHard Arrested for Taping New Moon

3 12 2009

this could make a nice ornament...a sparkly one!

22-year-old Samantha was busted by theater employees for taping parts of New Moon in Chicago, and could face up to three years in the hoosegow, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“Prosecutors said employees … saw Tumpach in the theater Saturday night pointing a video camera at the screen during a showing of the movie. Employees detained her and called police, who arrested her after the theater pressed charges.”

Some TwiHards are roughnecks, no joke. Not that Samantha is crazy, but check out the TwiHard attack directory for some real gems–who knows if they’re legit though.
I particularly like:

“She starts hitting me with her French Twilight book, screaming …A few people have stopped to stare, others trying to come near to help me but not get hit by her book. I try to defend myself by holding my hands up to my face, but that just hits the book out of her hand. With nothing else, she starts scratching me in the face with her fake nails.”

New Moon with Puppets?

3 12 2009

In celebration of Lu’s theme today, it’s a New Moon adaptation with puppets. The dialogue is pretty weak, but the werewolf transformations themselves are alone worth a watch!


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